Our great passion is the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is central to everything we do and believe. There is no greater message of love and hope than this, and it is by far the most powerful liberating message that has writemyessayrapid.com https://essaywriterusa.com/ led to the greatest liberation movement in the history of mankind. We consider it an honor to respond with action to the Great Commission of Christ our Lord.

The fivefold ministry is much like the human hand, it takes all five fingers to work most efficiently. In like manner, the fivefold ministry should work as one hand to the glory of God. As an evangelistic organization, we know that in order for us to be truly successful, we have to work with the fivefold ministry and in a Kingdom context at all times. Therefore, with all our Gospel Campaigns, we work with and celebrate the local church. Great attention is given to the followup system so as to properly handover discipleship of new believers to the local church leaders. As part of our preparation for our campaigns, volunteers from local churches are trained to assist the campaign and to be useful to their leadership long after the campaign is done. We view our campaigns as catalysts that create momentum for the local church in winning the lost to Christ and taking care of the people. Love and compassion is at the heart of everything we do, and the Good News about Jesus Christ is always passionately proclaimed and everyone is prayed for in His name.


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